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A Christmas Guide for Pubs

Is your pub ready for Christmas? If you plan your Christmas decorations in advance, you will be able to take advantage of the seasonal increase in spending on food and drink. Make your pub the best decorated in town! If you need help and don’t know where to start, we’ve got your back. This easy guide will help you decide on Christmas decorations and themes.

To start, if your pub has a function room, why don’t you hold a Christmas event, or a few? Some people are happy leaving their Christmas decorations up until the new year so you could leave yours up and use them for a New Year’s Eve party too! Make sure you start taking bookings as early as possible, so you give yourself enough time for people to find your event and book. If you have a Facebook page, it would be a good idea to create an event on there. Your locals can click that they are attending which will then come up on their friends’ newsfeeds. They can also share the event, so guaranteed more people will see it and potentially come. More customers = more spending = lots of festive cheer!

If your pub serves food, you will need to bring your attention to the food and drink menu. Everyone knows what to expect on a Christmas dinner however, there are two other factors you need to think about. Vegetarianism and veganism have become increasingly popular here in the UK. A recent poll put the number of vegetarians in the UK at more than 3 million, which is nearly 6% of the population. There are many methods you can incorporate vegetarian and vegan dishes into your menu. Being a pub, I’m sure you know your seasonal drinks; however, winter ales, mulled wine and mulled cider are drinks I would suggest to start serving. Make sure you have an idea how to keep the mulled wine hot though! If you serve coffee, there are Christmas spiced blends available which have become increasingly popular with customers. In addition, the aroma of these spiced blends will add to the festive atmosphere.

The problem of decorating places for Christmas is knowing when to stop. When you get too excited and go overboard, decorations can very easily become tacky and cheap looking but the trend these days is ‘less is more’. If someone on your team has a creative flair and knows their interior trends, it would be a good idea to let them have a say in the decorative theme.

Christmas is a Christian festival, but it also has pagan roots. Bringing the tree indoors was traditionally a way of keeping greenery alive until Spring. It was a German tradition that was popularised in the UK in the Victorian era by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. So, if you have space for a Christmas tree, be careful when decorating it as the tree is an easy piece to get too excited on and overdo. Pinterest is an image sharing website which enables users to gather inspiration for absolutely anything. I would suggest having a look on there for some tips on how to style a Christmas tree or even the whole room! Etsy is a great website for sourcing handmade items such as baubles. They are manufactured by individuals so you will also be supporting a small business!

If you are struggling to add more greenery in your theme, take a look at sourcing some Poinsettia plants. They are extremely popular during the festive period with their bright red flowers against green foliage. They don’t cost much, and they last between 4 and 6 weeks so they will still be looking as good as new by the new year if purchased a few days before Christmas Eve.

Another small idea is using glass vases or containers and fill them with small baubles and pinecones. You can even add fairy lights to make them look more magical!

Talking of lighting, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without fairy lights! LED’s these days come in all sizes, styles and colours and are much more reliable. Adding fairy lights will make your pub look cosy and magical. You could put them around the bar, on the ceiling and even along the windowsills. This will show passers-by that you’re in festive mode and they will be enticed to come in and stay for a bit. If your pub has an undercover, outdoor area, add some heathers (if you haven’t already) and strategically place fairy lights so it feels like you’re in a Christmas grotto. Blankets and cushions are also a good idea to have for outdoor areas to keep customers comfortable.

Lastly, you can’t decorate for Christmas and start thinking about hosting Christmas events if you don’t have a Christmas music playlist ready! As you know, there are a huge amount of Christmas songs for you to include. Another idea would be to incorporate Christmas carols, you could hire a local choir for a night of Christmas carol singing. I’m sure the locals would love to do something like that as a community to get into the festive spirit. The choirs would imaginably be grateful for the chance to perform in public and might even find some new members!