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Beach Venue

Beach Venue


Not everyone wants a traditional wedding. Some want something a bit different or maybe even something completely from the deep end. One of these options instead of being traditional is having a beach wedding, sometimes it’s one of the best kinds. The sun, sand, and sea could possibly make your wedding even more memorable than the traditional.


Usually, a beach venue is a lot more simplistic but sometimes simplest is best. There are always going to be pros and cons to anything, and this is no exception. Some positives to this sort of venue are that it’s much cheaper than a church or other venues, the beach, depending on which one, can be extremely beautiful, adding to the setting and the emotion of this special day. Some minor negatives would be the salt in the sea air, as well as the ever-changing weather. You need to plan the day well so that it won’t be ruined by extreme wind or rain.


The Decorations you may want

Beach weddings are rather plain and simple but usually rather beautiful. The usual appearance of a beach wedding is a simple runway that is normally marked with a rug, shells, or other forms of decoration. Chairs will line up in rows on either side with an archway at the end of the runway. Depending on the preference you can decorate the entire area using candles, flowers, drapes, etc.

Some more ideas for decorations that may be a pleasing to the eye. One could be some small bonfires for after the main ceremony so the surrounding area is lit up. This would also add more of a rustic look. Some other decorations that would be good is also some beach themed decorations such as shells or palm leaves.

If need be, you could also put up some umbrellas to help protect certain or all people from the sun as it may cause some issue.

The Furniture you may want

The type of chairs that would most likely look best in this setting would be White Cheltenham Banqueting, White Frame Chiavari, or Oak Frame Limewash Finish (with or without Rattan Pad) Crossback Stacking chairs. All these chairs are good for use in sand as well as solid ground and are good for the eye with or without a cover. Other colours can chosen but at least the styles that have been mentioned are probably your best choice.

The selection of tables that may suit best by the sea could be Wooden Banqueting tables (of any shape or size), Round or Square Bistro Ash Tabletop tables, Round or Square Poseur Bistro Ash Tabletop tables, or Folding Farm tables. Each of the tables mentioned other than the Folding Farm tables would look best with a tablecloth covering it. All would look good by the sea.

The reason for the choice of these items of furniture is because they can easily be stored and cleaned. They are fast to put out as well as put away with the addition of the fact they look good.

The choice of tablecloth for the furniture should be a plain white tablecloth and decorate the tables in any which way you prefer.