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Bonfire Night Venue


As Bonfire night (5th November) is just around the monthly corner, it may be in your interest to throw a firework night themed party. Many kinds of decorations and furniture could be used to enhance this kind of experience and this article will help choose some out for you.

November 5th is the night that people all over the UK will set off fireworks and light bonfires. We do this to celebrate a failed attempt to blow up the houses of parliament in London. This attempt was carried out by a man named Guy Fawkes who was part of a group of dissident Catholics.


Decorations that you could include

The setting for this would obviously be outside, you can’t set off fireworks indoors (unless you want to be fined in property damage).

As this day is all about fire and light, it is also later home to many beautiful colours thanks to the fireworks. Due to this you may want to include strips of lights, lanterns, or candles as well as colourful themed decorations.

Bright strings of lights would be perfect for lighting up the area for everyone to enjoy. Although, you may want to turn them all of so that you may be able to witness the beautiful sight of the fireworks and sparklers being set off. You may want to include some tablecloths to protect your furniture from any rogue sparks or cinders. For the tablecloth, a nice orange or yellow colour would be best as it would fit in with the theme of fire. Theme coloured bunting and flags may also be a nice idea as it may brighten the colours up the area, although you may want to get the variety that isn’t flammable.


Furniture you may want to include

Although the variety that will fit in with the theme is small, they will still look great.

For tables, some basic plastic folding tables will look great, although basic. You may want to put some tablecloths on to brighten them up. Another great choice in tables would also be the folding farm tables as they fit in with the outdoorsy feel. They also have a basic feel but are pleasing to the eye. The farm tables would be great with or without a tablecloth.

The chairs that you may want to choose could be any of the stacking bistro chairs. The bistro chairs are relatively comfortable and will be fine in the outdoor conditions and weather. Although less comfortable, some wooden folding chairs would fit the theme well. Not only will they fit the theme, but they would also be easy to clean as well as be easy to set up and put away. A little more comfortable than the last would be the crossback chairs. The crossback chairs fit the theme to a T and they would be easy to set up and put away. This is thanks to being thanks to being stackable. The choice in colours are yours. Although, I would recommend a lighter colour to match the theme of the night. This is my recommendation but almost any colour palette will do.

or Square Bistro Ash Tabletop tables, Round or Square Poseur Bistro Ash Tabletop tables, or Folding Farm tables. Each of the tables mentioned other than the Folding Farm tables would look best with a tablecloth covering it. All would look good by the sea.

The reason for the choice of these items of furniture is because they can easily be stored and cleaned. They are fast to put out as well as put away with the addition of the fact they look good.

The choice of tablecloth for the furniture should be a plain white tablecloth and decorate the tables in any which way you prefer.