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Day of the Dead / Halloween Theme

Day of the Dead / Halloween Theme


As Halloween (October 31st) as well as Day of the Dead (November 2nd) is just around the corner, a themed venue for this time of season is perfect for those few who enjoy this time of year. Many of us celebrate either or both holidays mainly due to popularity, so why not celebrate a special occasion in the same way.


Both celebrations have integrated into their own respective cultures as well as others over thousands of years. Halloween has been celebrated for over 2000 years by the Celts, mainly celebrated in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and France.

Day of the Dead on the other hand has been celebrated for a little over 3000 years. Starting in the central American region now known as Mexico, primarily for rituals honouring the dead.


What can you include for an event with a Halloween theme?

Halloween: For a Halloween-esque theme a Victorian setting will probably give the best reactions if decorated and furnished correctly.

The obvious inclusions would be pumpkins, candles, cobwebs, etc.

The furnishings on the other hand should possibly include; Black Cheltenham Banqueting, Chiavari Mahogany Frame, and the Beech Frame Dark Wood Crossback Stacking chairs would all look great for this sort of setting. As for the tables this could either include a range of shapes of Wooden Banqueting tables that could be dressed up and covered with a tablecloth for its basic purpose. Otherwise a Folding Farm table could be perfect. In certain situations, if decorated and positioned correctly a Round Plastic Folding Poseur with a Spandex Cover could make certain areas in the room/rooms look great in the correct setting.

What can you include for an event with a Day of the Dead theme?

Day of the Dead: A Day of the Dead theme is a little more interesting. Although there are many similarities there are also just as many differences. An open-air setting would most likely be best for this theme.

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) usually has a lot more colours included its celebrations. Such as; yellows, oranges, purples, blues, and reds, etc. The traditional look of the patterned skull is an extremely large staple in the Day of the Dead, so that is a must to be included in the decoration. Bright flowers, candles and decorations would be a good choice. The festivals held for this holiday would be good to base some decorations on if inspiration is needed.

For the furniture there would be quite a few that would be the same as the Halloween theme. The Black Cheltenham Banqueting Chair for example as it would be perfect for this sort of setting as well as colouring. Also, the UK Chiavari Fruitwood and the Black UK Chiavari chairs would also be great for this theme. For the tables once again, any shape of Wooden Banqueting table would look good if dressed in a tablecloth. If decorated to match the theme (such as banners/bunting with colours and skulls) it would also look great. Once again Folding Farm tables would also look great in this setting as well as Bistro tables (preferably the round ones) would look good if covered with a tablecloth.


Either theme choice can be great or maybe even both, if you can pull it off.