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Upcycling to Create Furniture

Upcycling Furniture


Many people may have some old and worn-down furniture that they’re not a huge fan of. It could even be a newer piece of furniture that you don’t really like the look of. Through upcycling you could turn either of these options into something that you love.

What is upcycling? Upcycling is where you turn old or plain furniture into something else or completely renew it. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be furniture that you upcycle, it could be some old wood pallets that you turn into an outside table. Essentially, it’s remaking or improving furniture or random items, which are usually made of wood.


A brief history of upcycling

The first use of the term ‘upcycling’ was used by Reiner Pilz in an article written in 1994 by Thornton Kay of Salvo. This was due to a discussion of recycling or as Reiner named it ‘downcycling’. Upcycling has been around a lot longer than this. Although, it has risen in popularity in the most recent couple of decades.


What could help with upcycling?

With this kind of job, you may want a decent set of tools. These tools can be things like hammers, drills, screwdrivers, saws, and paintbrushes, etc. These will all work well depending on the type of furniture you’re trying to make or do up. You will most definitely need paint as well as screws/nails.

Some other basic things you may need can include sandpaper as well as some fabric if you’re upcycling some furniture with some form of built-in cushion.


Ideas for upcycling

This section will all be about different ideas that could be used for upcycling.

If you have some basic wooden crates lying around (preferably more than 1, around 8 or more), then stacking them up in any form of assortment with a mixture of vertical and horizontal crates on their side then these basic crates can become a great storage shelf which look good. You can paint the entirety, just the inside, or just the outside of the boxes to add some variety. Fasten all of the crates together, as you do not want these toppling over or falling off while you have your items inside of the crates.

Do you have two small dressers or two large nightstands? If so, then you can easily make a great office desk if you have either of these. By getting a large plywood plank to cover both dressers all while leaving a nice meter or meter and half of space between the two dressers. Then, screw the plank to the top of both dressers to your desired size. After, you can paint the entire piece in any fashion you like. If you feel like it, you could even change the handles and add whatever kind of hardware you would like onto the furniture.

My last idea suggestion is a great one with an old window. If you have an old window frame (that obviously isn’t attached to anything), sand down and repair any damage that the frame may have. Then, paint it and attach anything you like to the frame like a chalkboard, whiteboard, or a corkboard. You could even add a picture or a shelf to the window frame to store anything on the side.