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Furniture Guidance When Working From Home

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, thousands of offices have closed around the UK. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your workload has stopped.

So, you are doing your bit, by working from home, to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and struggling to be productive and efficient with a place to do your work.  Studies on home working show that you can be more productive, with a designated work space, away from distraction.

There is a real benefit in having an office when working from home, however that is not available to the majority of people. So, what’s the answer in this situation with many people isolated with loved ones and having limited space?

  1. You could spend a fortune on an expensive desk and cram it into a small space to work from, only to not need it once the Coronavirus has passed and you’re back at work.
  2. Sit on the sofa with the mouse in 1 hand and a cup of tea in the other, while annoying your loved ones with tapping away on the keys, dedicating 5 minutes to work and 5 minutes to watching Phil & Holly.
  3. Purchase affordable space saving home office furniture which can be folded and put away if needed after your productive and efficient day working from home.

Planning your workspace

When looking at furniture for working from home, you really need to consider the following; where will I make my dedicated work space and how much room is there? Do I need to look at space saving home office furniture? Will I need to put it away when I am done at the end of my working day? And do I really want to spend a fortune on something that I may not use once Coronavirus is under control and we can return to our place of work? 

Once you have answered these important questions, you will be ready to choose the appropriate furniture for working from home. When selecting your space saving home office furniture, you first need to select a furniture company that can fit your needs. The importance of a good reputable company should not be underestimated. You want to ensure that you are getting the best possible prices. In the furniture business, quality and prices can waver between different companies. Always try searching the company name on Google, check and read their reviews and do your research.


Finding a supplier during lockdown

Due to the Coronavirus not all furniture retailers will be open at this time, so look for companies, give them a ring and discuss your needs with them.  Whether it be an easy to fold away exam desk or a folding table, my advice would be to dedicate an area in your home to work from, preferably somewhere away from the distractions of Netflix.  

While writing this article, I am set up with an exam desk and comfortable but upright chair. I have, in the past, attempted to work and write from the comfort of my sofa, however 150 words or so and 4 episodes of Game of Thrones later, I have found, although I am closer to knowing who will rule the iron throne, I have not been very productive with my work. It will always be very difficult to work in areas associated with rest and relaxation.

I will always try to work from my desk, as using this area for work helps me concentrate and enter into work mode. Even if you have limited space to work from home, with a space saving desk or table, it’s always possible to set up a work area where you will be least distracted. Set up a temporary space and make it your own with a framed picture, plant or whatever you choose. This allows you to focus and be just as productive as you would be at work.


Staying Productive

The first thing many people think of when working from home is doing your work in the comfort of your pyjamas from morning to night. I must confess that I have completed many a video call with pyjamas on the bottom and shirt and tie on the top.  I have found however, I am nowhere near as productive if I remain in loungewear. Now I am not talking about going the full hog and dressing like you are going to see the Queen, but I do dress smart casual and put a brush through my hair as I find I am far less likely to be distracted and a lot more focussed in my work. Transition is the key, getting changed from your PJ’s helps transfer your mind from sleep mode to work mode.

So setting up your home office, firstly measure up your space, and make sure that you have enough plug sockets for your needs. I myself have my laptop, my phone charger and a small printer but you may need more. I purchased an extension pack so that I have enough sockets for everything I need. A hugely important piece of your set up for your home office furniture is a chair. While it may be tempting to use a chair from your dining room table, when sitting down for long periods of time, you should make sure that you have a comfortable chair which will support your back and be affordable as you may not need to use it again once you have returned back to work. A good folding chair can also be sufficient as if you are creating a work space in an area which needs to be taken down each day, it can be very beneficial as they are easy to store along with a folding desk or table.

Make your home office space more functional than stylistic. So many people get carried away with decor and trinkets, the most important thing is for it to be comfortable, quiet and a pleasant place to be in. Studies show that clutter and chaos can really affect productivity and concentration. My biggest advice would be that it doesn’t need to be a really modern and stylish office, a laptop or desktop, a comfortable chair and a compact desk or table will really be adequate for you to be productive and get your work done.  We all start out trying to work from our kitchen table, this can be non-productive, especially on your summer bod. Don’t delay any longer, set up in your spare room or quiet corner in your home and you’ll prevent any further time wasting and that feeling that we all get after working from home of “what did I actually get done today”.

Remember, if you are not really planning on continuing to work from home once the Coronavirus has finally dissipated, keep your furniture for working from home cheap. Go for space saving office furniture i.e folding chairs and folding exam desks or folding tables that are well built but cheap and easy to store once you have finished with them.  So while others may be filling their days in quarantine with rubbish TV and boredom, get ahead of the curve and set up your home office and give yourself a huge head start when returning back to work.  

You can find what you need at Strictly Tables and Chairs from folding exam desks, folding tables and comfortable affordable chairs.