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Tolix Stools - Why are they so popular?


A mix of modern style and comfortable seating, the popular Tolix bar stools bring a touch of class to any pub, restaurant, hotel or bar area, enhancing the style of their seating area. Available in 3 different styles and 9 vibrant colours, there is one for everyone!


So firstly, who designed the original Tolix Stools? - Xavier Pauchard

Born in Burgundy (France) in 1880, Xavier Pauchard is the son and grandson of a zinc roofer. He founded a factory producing household items that integrated a major innovation in France: the use of hot dip galvanising. This technique protects iron items from oxidation by dipping them in a bath of molten zinc at 450.c. Passionate about metal, he took years to perfect his mastery of iron then steel, until he could make it into any shape he desired. A visionary, he designed pieces of standard furniture to be practical, modular and marketable. In 1925, he created the iconic Chair A, followed by other pieces such as Chair T37, the KUB table and many more. In 1927, he registered a trademark for his metal furniture company and Tolix was born. His sons followed him into the business and designed other pieces such as Table 55 and Armchair A56.

The Tolix stool was one of those special, classic designs by Pauchard. It was said that the Tolix stools were designed for factory workers of a local firm in France, to provide a suitable seat for every worker. The Tolix stool came in multiple heights, to fit all the needs within the factory.

The Tolix stools are made from sheet metal, just like the famous Tolix chairs - Pauchard's first design. They are light, easy to maintain and their versatility and solidity make the Tolix stools stand out from the crowd. It combines practicality and comfort in a clean, modern design. The X-shaped bars underneath the seat stand for the initial of Xavier Pauchard.


Let’s take a look at colours and styles -

The Tolix stools are available in a wide range of fun and vibrant colours so there is a colour for everyone! These include black, white, blue, green, orange, red, gun metal grey and yellow.

All the above colours are available in all three styles to ensure that you can have comfort still in every colour. The three styles are: standard stool, low back and tall back. The standard stool doesn’t have a back to it, so this can be very easily stacked, saving lots of space. The low back and tall back stools cannot be stacked while the back is installed, however, it is very simple to take off and put on again if needed.


What about use? -

The powder coated steel frame is weatherproof enabling the Tolix stools to be used both indoors and outdoors meaning they are a great choice for any industry.

Tolix stools would make the perfect addition to any pub, restaurant, hotel or bar area with indoor and/or outdoor seating. With the big variety of colours and styles, it will be easy to make your area look exactly as you want it to.