Bar Stool Sizes

Bar Stool Sizes

Bar Stool Sizes

Bar stools have been very popular in the hospitality industry and the home for many years. They are always a stylish seating option but sometimes people can find it difficult to choose which size is best for their space. We hope this guide can help you decide on what height bar stool works perfectly with your bar.

First of all, height matters. Before choosing a bar stool that you have your eye on, you must take into consideration the height of your bars and tables. If you have bar stools that are too tall or too short, it can massively impact your customer’s comfort. The standard height of a bar is 107cm, so a general rule is to make sure that your stools are 30cm shorter than the bar. Our Tolix-style bar height stools are 76cm tall, so they are an ideal choice for standard bars.  

For bars that show sports events or other live shows, taller bar stools are recommended as you can still place them in good view of screens even if they are behind smaller stools in busy venues as customers will be able to see over other people’s heads.

For smaller bars, sometimes there may be some space that seems impossible to use in an effective way. This is where you can select smaller stools that typically suit bars and tables no taller than 75cm.

When organising your bar stools in your space, make sure you don’t forget about legroom. Legroom has a big impact on how comfortable your customers are. Make sure that the underside of your bar or table to the floor is measured, and then an adequate amount of room to allow customers to move with ease is subtracted. Stability is also an important factor to take into consideration, we offer contract quality furniture, so it is made to stand up to rigorous use in bars.

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