How to Furnish a Community Centre

How to Furnish a Community Centre

How to Furnish a Community Centre

Does your community centre need a freshen up? If so, there can be a lot to consider so we hope this guide is helpful to you.


What furniture to look for

Lots of local clubs and community events take place in your community centre so it is important to ensure that the furniture you choose is practical and flexible. To start with, your chairs are going to be used a lot, so they have to be comfortable as no one wants to sit on an uncomfortable chair for any length of time. Chairs with built-in or added cushions are a very popular choice for a bit of extra comfort. You are sure to find a chair for you with our range of stacking and folding chairs.

When choosing the chairs for your community centre, you need to think about what they are going to be used for. Your furniture will need to be stored away after each use, so the weight is an important consideration. Lightweight, foldable, and stacking tables and chairs are a must. You need to consider the size of the groups that are going to the community centre and the activities they are participating in as well as the different configurations the furniture needs to be set up in.

In terms of tables, round tables are a popular option compared to rectangle tables as they seat more people and encourage group interaction but depending on the size of your space and the use of the community centre, rectangular tables might be better as they can be placed together to make bigger tables.


Another thing you need to consider is who will most often be using the community centre. Will there be a lot of children visiting or do you cater to an older crowd? Do you want to go for a neutral colour scheme or a colourful one to brighten up the place? Choosing furniture which creates an inviting, comfortable atmosphere will be appreciated by everyone who hires the community centre.

Lastly, your new furniture will be getting a lot of use so the quality of it is crucial. As well as having a lasting appearance, it needs to be durable, especially as it will most likely be moved around often. The furniture here at Strictly Tables and Chairs is manufactured for contract use, so you are sure to find something for you that provides longevity for frequent use and handling.


If you have any questions about furniture for your community centre, get in touch with us and our team will be more than happy to help.