Snack Bar Furniture Guide

Snack Bar Furniture Guide

Snack Bar Furniture Guide

Snack bars are used to serve light bites and drinks from a venue with limited space. Whether you are adding a snack bar to a university venue, a country club or setting up your own snack bar business, it is important that you carefully consider the furniture you choose to invest in. We hope this article helps you decide on the best furniture for your venue.

Compact furniture
Snack bars normally become part of an existing space to blend indoor-outdoor dining. Picking compact furniture and placing it strategically is key to making limited space work.

Poseur Tables
We suggest using poseur tables to create your snack bar as poseur tables are tall and don’t take up much space. We supply traditional wooden poseur tables as well as aluminium poseur tables which will fit perfectly into a modern snack bar.

Using stools alongside poseur tables are a great idea as they can be pushed underneath the tables when not in use, which saves space. It also gives customers a choice whether to sit or stand.
Small Tables
If you aren’t keen on the idea of using poseur tables, smaller tables designed to seat between 2 and 4 customers would also work well. Pedestal tables are an alternative as they are supported by one central column and take up minimal room. Stacking tables would be a good idea as they are easy to move and even easier to store.

Outdoor Seating Options
Normally, snack bars serve outdoors so they work well in locations like beaches and parks. The UK has very unpredictable weather so when choosing your furniture, make sure they are able to withstand that as well as offering comfort and can be moved and put away easily. We recommend going for aluminium furniture as it is sturdy, affordable and manufactured to be used outdoors.

Easy Clean Furniture
Snack bars are about offering quick, efficient, and convenient food and drinks meaning you will most likely experience a high customer turnover during the day so be prepared by choosing furniture which is easy to clean and maintain between customers. Materials like faux leather, laminated wood or aluminium are a great choice as they can be wiped clean easily.