What is Contract Furniture?

What is Contract Furniture?

What is Contract Furniture?

Business owners in the hospitality industry will have heard the term ‘contract furniture’. This article will explain why using contract furniture could be the best choice for your business and venue.


What is Contract Furniture?

Contract furniture is intended for commercial use in hospitality environments. They are manufactured with commercial furniture standards in mind, so they are purposely made with added strengthening features for hotels, restaurants, and bars.


Why choose Contract Furniture?

The first reason why you should think about buying contract furniture is its durability. Commercial furniture is used much more than domestic furniture if you think about how busy your business is. Think about how many times a chair is sat on, cleaned, and moved in a pub, restaurant or bar compared to someone’s home. Because of this, contract furniture is built in a more robust way, with strengthening elements and hardwearing finishes. Some of the elements and finishes include weatherproof coating, scratch-resistant tops, high-density foam, hardwood frames, UV resistance, and lacquer coating.

Another reason for choosing contract furniture is its value. It might seem like an investment at first but if you are going to replace lower quality furniture over and over again, that will add up quickly. Contract furniture is designed to last a long time and stand up to heavy use.


Contract furniture standards and regulations

Don’t forget, that furniture used in a commercial setting needs to meet certain standards and requirements. This is covered by regulations in the UK like British Standard BS 7176 and CRIB5 testing.

It is important to ensure furniture that is bought for commercial settings is compliant with these regulations. If your business is found using furniture that doesn’t adhere to the regulations, you could receive a penalty. These regulations are also there for the safety of customers and staff.

When purchasing contract furniture from Strictly Tables and Chairs, be confident that they meet UK requirements.