Wooden Chairs - What Makes A Good One?

Wooden Chairs - What Makes A Good One?

Wooden Chairs - What Makes A Good One?

A balance of comfort and style makes a good wooden chair. However, that does depend on what the chair is being used for. This article will hopefully help you make some decisions on how to choose the perfect wooden chair for your hospitality setting as well as learn a bit of history!


History of the Wooden Chair

The earliest record of chairs dates back to Egyptian times. Chairs are shown in paintings, but they were only reserved for the community’s most important members. Chairs were a symbol of divinity among the Egyptians.

Around 494 BC, the Romans also used chairs to show status. They invented a chair called the Curule Chair, it was similar to a day bed and only reserved for wealthy people.

The Romans eventually invented another chair called the Klismos Chair. The Klismos Chair was still exclusive and was reserved for philosophers, scholars, artisans, etc. Historians state that the Klismos Chair is one of the most beautiful chairs ever created.

Around 70 AD, chairs became more mainstream in Greece. Grecians created seating for masses so basic block seating was made in amphitheatres like the Colosseum in Rome.

The popular Chiavari Chair was invented by Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi who was an Italian cabinet maker in Chiavari, Italy. Giuseppe was commissioned by Marquis Stefano Rivarola in 1807. His mission was to create a remodelled version of the Persian Empire Chair, the Chiavari Chair. His divine woodworking and the structured chair became the standard of comfort and elegance for wooden chairs.

During the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840), chairs were finally for everybody. Chairs were at long last made reasonable because of the ascent of large-scale manufacturing and common families had the option to manage the cost of them. At this time in America, Thomas Jefferson was inventing chairs in his own way, beginning with the Swivel Chair around 1776. It is said that Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence sitting in his Swivel Chair!

Lastly, in 1840, Charles Darwin developed the office chair. He decided to add wheels to the feet for convenience and mobility. With the added mobility, he was able to move around his study easily to access his specimens. As the Industrial Revolution proceeded, so did innovation and design in furniture.



When choosing new chairs for your setting, comfort should be the first concern. It is particularly important in a pub or restaurant that your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. This not only urges guests to return, but it additionally implies they are more likely to spend a longer time at your pub or restaurant while buying food and drinks.



The strength and durability of a wooden chair come from both the wood it is produced from and how it is assembled. The harder the hardwood, the more robust the chair will be, yet softer hardwoods are ordinarily more comfortable and allow for more details such as carvings. At Strictly Tables and Chairs, we just use contract-grade materials, so you know you are purchasing top-quality products that are durable enough for the demands of the hospitality industry.



Upholstering your wooden chairs can completely change how they look and how they feel. You can add comfort by including a seat pad. You can choose various fabrics in different colours to suit the requirements and character of your space. Here at Strictly Tables and Chairs, we offer an upholstery service so you can ultimately have a bespoke chair completely made to your choice. With hundreds of contract-grade fabrics to choose from, we are confident you will find one for you. We also offer a huge variety of seat pads, which also come in a large selection of textures and colours.


Different Finishes

The finish of your wooden chairs can likewise make a tremendous effect on the appearance and feel of your space. At Strictly Tables and Chairs, you can browse a wide range of different finishes on all of our wooden chairs. These finishes all come with robust lacquering which makes them suitable for the demands of the hospitality industry.


Strictly Tables and Chairs provide a huge selection of Wooden Chairs for any occasion. If you would like more information or have any queries or questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! Call us on 01462 455938.