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Banqueting Table Buying Guide

Banqueting Table Buying Guide
22 May 2017

Before buying a banqueting table be sure to read our guide. Here at Strictly Tables and Chairs we offer a wide variety of event furniture. Banqueting tables can be used in an assortment of events and functions. Many buyers use the tables at weddings, banquet halls, baptisms, scout huts, churches and even table top sales. There are many elements that you must consider when purchasing a banqueting table.


All of our tables and chairs are for contract use and are built to last, benefits differ some can be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, others will be heavier but can handle a static load greater than a lightweight option. These factors play a key role in your decision before purchasing a banqueting table. As mentioned before all of our banqueting tables are heavy duty and can be used every day in a hire environment, in a restaurant, cub scout hut, churches or even boot fairs. When having decided the main use, ensure you understand the dimensions and have a look at our seating guide. It is an invaluable tool on helping setup your event, it also gives you some great ideas. We also have a very handy table cloth guide that will help you understand the sizing and drop lengths.


One of the aspects before buying a banqueting table that consumers focus on is their budget. Strictly Tables and Chairs offers a large selection of banqueting tables that will suit pretty much any event and budget. We have economical wooden or plastic banqueting tables that we hold large stocks of and can be delivered next day, we also have lightweight aluminium tables that can be made to a custom specification, these tables are more expensive and have a longer lead time but make up for it as they are lightweight and extremely durable. All of our tables are heavy duty tables and are made for contract use, they are built to be used in a commercial environment, however many consumers are so impressed by the quality they use them for their home functions and parties.

Our banqueting tables in the plywood table top and plastic table top ranges are our most popular tables and are also in the first price budget bracket. These tables are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes and start from about £20.00 and go up to about £80.00 in price. The reason we are so competitive on these ranges is due to the fact that we hold thousands of units in stock in our warehouse and can pass the savings of mass buying on to the consumer. The second price bracket in our banqueting tables ranges consists of three sets of tables, the soft top table, the severe duty table and the lightweight aluminium table. These tables are bespoke made to order tables, the severe duty and lightweight aluminium banqueting tables can be customized with a choice of table top, the severe duty also offers a choice of leg colours and height. These tables have a price range between £100.00 and £300.00 and are also available choices of shape and size.


Our banqueting tables are available in square, rectangle, round, semi-circle and oval shapes. When choosing the shape of your table there are a few things to keep in mind. Remember that a circular table offers a more intimate setting for guests sitting enjoying their drink or meal as they are looking at each other for the duration of the event. When your aim is to create a long large table then the rectangular option will be more suitable for your needs. Creating amazing looking tables that flow in the classic Pi pattern or for making the head table stand out at a wedding, our rectangular banqueting tables are a great option. To be used on their own or to round off the rectangular tables the semi-circle option is a great choice which can also be used for a present table at an entrance or on its own to accentuate an area of your function. The oval shape is also an option for those who want a rectangular table with a rounded end and prefer this option as you receive the intimacy of a round table and the capacity of a rectangular table all in one.

Time to Event

There are certain circumstances where a banqueting table is needed on a deadline, or you have more guests than expected the day before an event and you need an option that is available as soon as possible. Our most popular banqueting tables are available on a next business day delivery when you order before 15:00 on any business day. The plywood and plastic banqueting tables are available for next business day delivery, that includes every size and shape.