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Event Furniture Trends for 2019

Event Furniture Trends for 2019
6 December 2018

The event furniture industry is fast paced and changes constantly. Many of the trends come from what celebrities are doing, cost of materials for manufacture and interior design ideas that are recycled through time. The event industry has changed dramatically over the past decade or so and trying to keep up is quite difficult. Having insight into foreign markets, experience in the industry and a bit of an educated guess helps us choose what the upcoming trends might be.

The 2018 event furniture season had many of the popular classics like the Chiavari Chair still going strong. There are some new contenders such as the Crossback chairs and the Tolix Style furniture that is very trendy.

Rustic Look and Feel

From rustic trestle tables, to the wood tones of the cross back range of chairs, anything that resembles a natural wood effect with a rustic feel is going to be very popular in 2019. Many of the event hire companies are gearing up with a selection of furniture that is very natural looking and trendy. One of the

Rustic folding table with folding chairs at a wedding eventreasons for this is the environmental footprint on this type of furniture is much lower than the previously trending furniture as the materials used are from renewable sources. With many companies looking to be more eco friendly the trend moving toward this style of furniture benefits the environment without any compromise to style and function.

With many of the hire companies offering a wider range of flooring options and with the popularity of the teepee style marquees, this rustic style furniture has really taken off. Many of the weddings planned for 2019 are going to be using nature inspired themes. Barn venues are looking very popular, marquees placed in natural surrounding such as fields or forests is also helping with the popularity of this furniture.

Retro Furniture

The industrial looking furniture ranges have become really popular over the last few months. It looks like this type of furniture will be extremely popular in 2019. This type of furniture is typically made of steel or other metal materials and offers funky fine finished powder coated frames. This type of furniture is very hard wearing and is usually suited to indoor and outdoor use.

tolix chairs with tolix tables in a trendy setting