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Summer Furniture Trends 2021

Are you thinking about updating your furniture in time for summer this year?

If the answer is yes – this is a great place to start to guide you on the furniture trends for 2021!


As the coronavirus restrictions continue to ease here in the UK and the weather (hopefully) continues to heat up, this summer is most likely going to be a big one for the hospitality industry. People are back socialising with their loved ones, with no signs of demand slowing down for reservations for restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels.


So, is your venue ready for the summer craziness?

The way to draw guests to a restaurant, bar, pub or hotel, is to create a relaxing and joyful environment. A commercial space does well with a touch of drama, so adding a touch of dazzle with expressive colours, different shapes and materials such as metal, wicker and wood will make your venue stand out to all the rest, so read on to see how you can make this happen!


Firstly, contemporary classic furniture is a trend to be aware of. You can design stylish and cosy outdoor areas with classic furniture like wicker seating. There is a wide selection of colours available, from earthy shades of browns to bright and vibrant shades. Wrought iron and steel are popular on chairs and tables because they are resistant and durable. They look great in most spaces and work well with wood. We offer Aluminium wicker seating in brown, red or charcoal. They are stylish, weatherproof and easy to clean, so an obvious favourite in the catering and hospitality industries!


Secondly, smooth and rounded furniture is going to be particularly popular in the summer of 2021. It is ideal for large spaces as it gives the area a sense of movement while adding comfort, functionality and beauty to a space. Curved furniture encourages interaction between people and makes individuals feel more relaxed. Check out our Tolix style range for a variety of curved chairs and stools with vibrant and expressive colours. The Tolix range is inspired by Xavier Pauchard which have become very popular here in the UK and Europe. They are very popular in bistros and cafés for their durability and retro style.


Another 2021 summer furniture trend is bringing wood elements inside. This can make the space look cosier and can provoke the homely and raw appeal that is highly favourable to make customers feel relaxed. Bringing wood elements inside can appeal to nearly all demographics as warm wood tones never go out of style. We have a wide range of wooden tables and chairs here, with the wooden folding tables being very popular. Our fold tables have a 19.5mm tabletop which is the highest grade available in this industry. Many of our clients require a non-slip tabletop that will keep the tablecloth from slipping so our flock top and soft top ranges are good solutions when using a wooden table in a formal setting. Our wooden chairs such as the Cheltenham, Chiavari, and Crossbacks are the most popular, they can be sprayed any colour and we offer a choice of fabric for the seat pads.


Finally, outdoor dining – traditional but a popular trend since the Coronavirus pandemic has emphasised it like never before. Airconditioned restaurants had been placed on hold and since we have come out of lockdown, people are still heading for outdoor dining when it is nice weather. Being in nature elevates the dining experience, so adding patio furniture in your outdoor space is an efficient way to extend your seating capacity. We have a great selection of tables and chairs that offer rust resistant and weather resistant frames that stand up to the wet weather. They are also stacking chairs, which allows you to stack them 10-high which is a great space saving solution. If space is at a premium, or you need to transport a few at a time, the ability to stack them is an important feature. The stacking chairs we sell are perfect for use at pubs, cafés, restaurants and hotels. We offer a large variety of colours in all our chairs that include the stacking black chairs that are a great choice for intimate low light settings.