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Winter Wedding Tables

Have you decided on a winter wedding but not sure where to start when it comes to table decorating? This article will guide you and help you make some decisions.

Although summer weddings are stunning, there are some downsides. For example, the sweltering heat could make a hot mess of the bride, groom, and guests. No one wants to be too hot to concentrate listening to the vows or dancing later on at the reception. Winter weddings can avoid all of that and get beautiful snowy wedding photos. You are more likely to have more venue dates available and better rates too. In addition, venues will most likely already be decorated for the holiday’s so if you are wanting a themed winter wedding, the decorations would be free.

Although deciding on themes and décor is the most exciting part, you have to think about other stuff like the right style of tables. For your reception, you need to consider how much space is available, how many guests are invited and the dining style you want.

The three types of tables we would suggest are round tables, poseur tables and rectangular tables.

Round Tables

Round tables are the most popular choice for weddings as they seat more people than rectangular tables. Having a round table makes it easier for guests to talk to each other rather than shouting across the table like you would with a rectangle table. You can also purchase table covers to fit in with your wedding theme. We have a large range of different sizes for round tables so check them out!

Poseur Tables

Poseur tables are great for encouraging guests to mingle and converse although, we wouldn’t suggest using these when dining. Poseur tables will be best used close to the bar, as they do not need seating and will be a good idea for guests to put their drinks down and chat. However, if you want you could add some stools to add seating.

Rectangular Tables

A rectangle table is normally used for the head table. They don’t offer the same level of interaction as the round or poseur tables, but they make the newlywed couple and guests of honour seen and easy to hear when they are doing their speeches. If you choose to have a buffet style meal, a rectangle table will make the food more accessible to your guests.

Once you have decided on what tables you want to use, it’s time for the decoration!


In terms of centrepieces, make sure you don’t go for large, elaborate pieces as they could get in the way of conversations across the table or take up too much space on the table. Smaller centrepieces are more cost effective as well as having a bigger effect.


When you are thinking about table lighting, consider using candlelight as this will create an intimate, romantic, wintery feel. If you don’t want to use a real flame, we suggest using an LED flickering candle as they are a lot safer and still give the same atmosphere. String lights, fairy lights and lanterns would also be a great idea to have that cosy feeling.

Other bits and bobs

A great item to add to your decoration is pinecones. They are very affordable and readily available. You can use them to hold name cards or add them into your floral decorations. Dark green foliage and red berries are also popular additions to provide a cosy, festive feel.

In conclusion, whichever table shapes are right for you, Strictly Tables and Chair offer what you need!