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Table Trolleys

Table Trolleys

Table trolleys are designed to store and transport large quantities of folding tables. Our table trolleys are for use with plywood or plastic folding tables and can hold up to 10 units at any given time. Designs are available to suit both round and rectangular tables and come with either hollowed or carpeted bases. All of our table trolleys are designed with mobility in mind, require basic self-assembly, and are manufactured using industrial grade materials to ensure that they can withstand heavy use.

Table trolleys - we offer a separate table trolley for both round and rectangular tables. Our table trolleys are designed to be strong and functional and are not fine finish products. Our round table trolleys are fully welded for additional strength, this is a much stronger option than flat packed models available in the market. The round trolley can store a maximum of 10 round plywood folding tables. The middle handle bar ensures that the plywood tables are kept upright and don’t move around in the trolley. The middle handle bar also prevents all the tables leaning to one side of the trolley and ensures that the weight is evenly distributed. The round table trolley can be used with round tables of all sizes from 3’ round (91cm) to 6’ round (183cm) in size. The trolley is designed to be used indoors on flat surfaces and is popular to help move the plywood folding tables but also as a storage trolley. The round trolley can be left in a store room and used to keep the tables tidy or to be wheeled in the trolley from one room to another to make the transporting of the tables safer and quicker. We advise that all table trolleys are handled by two people. The fully welded round table trolley is manufactured with tubular steel and is welded at the connections between the base and the handle bars, this is very important when holding the large round wooden tables.

The flatbed rectangular table trolley is suitable for most rectangular, square and semi-circle tables. Like the round trolley the flatbed trolley can be used to manoeuvre the tables and also to store the wooden tables, we also supply storage cargo straps to tie around the tables when they are on the flatbed table trolley.
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