Folding Chairs

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Plastic Folding Chairs

The folding chairs range is the most versatile type of chair that is available in the event furniture industry.  We offer a wide range of folding camping chairs, folding garden chairs, folding picnic chairs and folding banqueting chairs.

Many of our customers are marquee hire companies and offer these fold-up chairs to their clients for use as fold-up dining chairs or with dining tables as the primary seating.  Because this type of event furniture is lightweight and folds away making its design one of the most space-saving types available today.  Looking at our ranges the economy wooden folding chair is a very economical solution that is heavy-duty but is also at a price point that is sure to suit anyone.  The Apollo range is a more robust chair that can be used indoors and outdoors and can be put together with an assortment of other types of event furniture.  As a folding dining chair, it suits families as the hygienic tops are easy to clean and fold away easily.  Many of our customers in the retail market use these collapsible chairs in their storefronts or as general seating.  The reason these foldaway chairs are great is that you can store them away and when needed you can pull them out of a closet and place them as needed.

Folding Chairs

When looking for a folding lawn chair for seating at an outdoor function or at a summer wedding event the folding wooden and resin chair we offer are just perfect.  The resin version is indestructible and does not chip or fade like its wooden counterparts.  Many people in the USA use resin folding chairs as they are built to last.  For our customers looking for a more natural wooden feel, we offer our Helios chair which is a wooden folding chair that can also be used indoors and outdoors in a domestic or large business setting.  These types of folding lawn chairs are built for the event industry using high-quality materials that are made for the contract market and for use at events in the event furniture industry.  Many of our customers are campsites and our customers are buying these models for chairs camping use and if they need a portable solution they use travel bags to store their furniture when moving.

Folding chairs are the perfect option if storage space is limited and you need a design that is quick and easy to set up, pack down and transport. We have an extensive range of plastic, metal and wood. We even have upholstered options if you’re looking for something that is a little more comfortable.  They can be stored flat for increased functionality and require no assembly whatsoever. STAC trolleys are also available. This range is waterproof and stain resistant, making the units suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. 
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