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Banqueting Tables

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Banqueting tables are used in a wide variety of events and are renowned for their durability and ease of use. There is a wide range of options to choose from when selecting a banqueting table. The options we offer have been used by halls, catering venues, and hotels to name a few. A banqueting table is easy to store and can be used with us without a table cloth in a non-formal environment and is one of the most popular types of furniture in the industry. Remember we offer UK delivery nationwide.

round banquet table


When looking for the correct shape banquet table there are many different options available, we will begin with the first option which is round. The round banquet table shape allows for more people to sit around at your function. This seating arrangement allows for a more intimate setting as the guests at your banquet will be looking at each other when eating and conversing. Many wedding halls prefer this type of folding table because it allows the venue to maximise capacity and increases the seating at the event. The 6ft wooden table with steel frame and rubber edging ( which keeps the table in good condition ) the exterior grade one-piece top is the most popular product in this range.

square banqueting table


This shape is a favourite for restaurants and for the hospitality industry in general. The square-shaped banquet table offers the most intimate setting as the smaller sizes give a face-to-face experience. The smaller sizes allow for two people as the table legs on one side will not give you enough room to allow for a comfortable experience. As the sizes become larger and you move up to the 5ft or 6ft square you then have the ability to sit your guests around the entire perimeter of your banqueting trestle.

rectangular table


The most popular size used in catering and banqueting due to its ease of storage and the fact that it suits most venues. The rectangular-shaped banquet table is the workhorse of the event furniture industry and it is the type of table you will see at almost any wedding, christening, or banqueting hall. This shape is also ideal for hire companies that hire out the tables or chairs because it maximises the space that is used on the transport getting the furniture from the warehouse to the function hall.

semi circle table


The semicircle shape is usually used as a topper to round off the edge giving a more tapered look when it is fitted with a tablecloth. The half-moon shape is also used when a 6ft 7ft or 8ft is combined into 2 making a massive banqueting table that is more manageable to move and set up at a wedding or christening. This shape also allows you to create quite extravagant designs using a combination of the various table sizes that are available.

wooden table top


The option that is used at basically every banqueting hall in the UK is the wooden tabletop. The wooden top is the most versatile material used when manufacturing a banquet table, it is durable heavy-duty, and stands up to the rigors of daily use. When looking at this model from a price perspective it is the most economical solution as the price is well worth the investment. These banqueting table tops have visible rivets so it is important to understand that they should be used with tablecloths in formal occasions. This material style also comes with American wishbone folding legs that allow for heavy static weights to be held on the wooden top.

plastic table top


When your functions will be held in indoor and outdoor settings then the plastic banqueting tables are the ideal choice for these situations. Our plastic tables come with an industry-grade blow moulded one-piece and centre fold top. They also have grey powder-coated folding legs that make for easy storage. The reason these banquet tables are ideal for our customers in the event industry is because of the ability to use this outdoors and indoors. The maximum static load of this range is lower than the wooden trestle tables however because they can be used in the rain they are a very versatile choice.  This folding gardening banquet table is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events.

fine finished colours


Our selection of heavy-duty, laminate finished and fine finished catering tables are for events that prefer not to always use a tablecloth. We have a wide range of these bistro tables available and are usually used in pubs, village halls, and schools because of the fact that they can be used with or without a cover. Have a look at our lightweight and heavy-duty options right here on our site. They offer a wide range of laminate top colours that can be used to create a friendly playful environment in a school or you can choose natural wood tones to add a touch of sophistication to your catering tables. Any customers that have ordered products and goods from this category understand that they cannot be returned because the items you purchase are made to order.

6ft banquet table