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Plastic Folding Tables

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Plastic Folding Tables for indoor and outdoor use, UV coated with an easy clean surface

Our plastic folding tables are a heavy duty furniture that offers E-Z clean hygienic surface, has a UV coated top which makes it a great solution for both using indoors and outdoors.  Great for banqueting and catering and are ideal for marquee companies, wedding venues and banqueting halls.  The entire range is used with a table cloth in a formal enviorment and without for general use.  A very robust option when your venue requires a semi lightweight option that has the versatility to be used for a garden party or a extravagant wedding.

plastic folding table on camping site

Many of our customers order these tables chairs for a variety of events and also situations that are varied.  Here in the UK many of our good customers that are in the camping and caravaning scene use these outdoors.  Because these plastic tables are for indoor and outdoor use they are very versatile and stand up to all weather conditions.  Another very popular reason people buy this range is for using at card games for example this is purchased as a folding bridge table and is used in community centres and village halls for this reason.  Many of the locals here in Hitchin purchase this for use as a folding picnic table or as a garden table for use at BBQ\'s and garden party\'s.  The versatility of this type of plastic table makes it the perfect choice for use at large events but also as atable that is used at home or outdoors in your garden for a picnic and camping.  We are a wholesaler however we pass on the savings to all of our customers, and because the quality of our event furniture is second to none our customers always buy one of our 6ft 5ft 4ft and 3ft tables for their needs.

One of the main selling points that many of our customers ask is the material used in the table top.  Our product folding tables offer a hygienic blow moulded plastic which allows you to simply wipe the top clean in the event of spills or dining accidents.  The table top is a non pourous material so anything that falls on it can be wiped away quickly and easily.  This is very different to a wooden trestle table that has a plywood top and does not clean as easily, this is why when using another material for your banqueting tables be sure to use a table cloth.  These plastic models do not need to be used with a tablecloth as they are fine finished and can be used as is.  We manufacture these tables and understand that our customers do not want to spend their time assembling table legs and sort so we sell these tables ready to use.  Just remove them from their protective wrap and unfold the legs and they are ready to go.

outdoor wedding with plastic folding tables          church with plastic folding tables outside

There are quite a few options when looking at the product tables range we offer, the first is the top folded version in which the plastic top fold into itself.  This makes the table half the size and also makes delivery and shipping much cheaper.  The plastic top fold table is more sturdy when it is a single piece however the trade off is the size when storing and moving.  The second important factor is the table size, the 6ft tables are the largest but we also stock them in sizes as small as 4ft.  We oofer the widest range of blow moulded tops in the entire UK and we ship next day nationwide.

wedding with plastic folding table    plastic folding chairs and tables by the sea


Another use many of our customers buy these types of plastic tables for is for camping, caravanning and outdoor events.  When used as camping tables many the fold in half version is the most popular, it fits in confined spaces and is easy to handle and carry as the size is cut in half.  Many people add a table leg extension which allows it to be used on softer ground so when they are having a picnic by a river or using  it as a recreational table.  Many people also take their caravan when camping outdoors and again the fold in half version is perfect because it fits in small and large caravans easily.  Our small plastic folding tables also fits inside the caravan for use as an extra table.  At outdoor events whether it is a garden party or camping get together these tables are the perfect addition to your gear.

Our white plastic folding table is this colour because we use a high quality blow moulded material, we offer 6ft plastic tables all the way down to 2ft small fold table plastic.  The tables we sell are of much higher quality that the ones you will find in retail shops such as ikea and argos.  Our tables are made for the contract market and are built to last.  When looking to purchase any table remeber you get what you pay for.  Our plastic foldaway tables will last for years in a contract environment and in a domestic setting they last a lifetime.  You can actually leave these tables outdoors while you are camping or caravanning, however we do suggest you dry the table before storing to preserve the quality.  The table weight that our contract quality plastic tables can handle is far greater than the cheap plastic folding tables you can buy on high street shops.  Other sellers supposedly sell heavy duty versions but you will know that they are cheap because they use a darker grey table top that shows an inferior quality plastic being used in the manufacture process.

The plastic folding table range is ideal for a customer that needs something that is suitable for use on their patio where it will be exposed to the elements.  The table tops we offer come in a wide variety of sizes.  The most popular size is the 6ft plastic trestle and most of the customer base is buying that size at the moment.  When buying a plastic trestle compare the different table tops sizes, have a look at our customer reviews and decide which is best for you.  Our customers are free to collect their order from us as we do not offer free delivery.  we do have our fast next day delivery service on all of our folding chairs and dining tables.   Our sales team is always here if you need any help with any of our products, give us a ring.  Our website tracks cookies to help with your experience.

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