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Wooden and Plastic Trestle Tables for your next wedding reception, banqueting event or catering function.

Wooden folding trestle tables are very cost-effective folding tables that are the preferred choice with hire companies and banqueting venues. We manufacture our wooden trestle tables with exterior grade plywood, 19.5mm thick suitable for contract use. All wooden folding tables are the same specification and have 6 coats of varnish lacquer to further protect against moisture and water damage. Each wooden trestle table is built with strong steel table legs that are wishbone in shape and style. Due to their design, these tables can easily fold down for either transporting or storing. Each of the table's trestle, when folded, is approximately 7.5cm thick and stands at 76cm when erect.

SIZES - 8ft 7ft 6ft 5ft

When looking at the entire range of tables you will see that we offer a very large selection of tabletops. These table tops come in a selection of shapes which include square, round, rectangular, and half-moon, and come in the following sizes: 8ft tops, 6ft trestle, 5ft, 4ft, 3ft, and 2ft. The largest table is the 8ft table however the most popular of all the sizes is the 6ft trestle table. Our 6ft tables offer the one-piece plywood 6ft tops and have the classic American wishbone legs. These folded trestles are used primarily at weddings, banquet halls, conferences, and pretty much anywhere that large furniture is needed. Many of our customers who are into gardening and camping use these tables in their campsites and their garden centres. When you look through our entire range you will see that when looking at buying a table you will find that we offer more sizes and shapes than anyone else in the event furniture industry.

trestle table at party


Many of our customers ask why these tables are so popular and it's simple, they are a very high-quality, heavy-duty table that is priced reasonably and can be used in a wide range of events.  When purchasing these tables keep in mind that the legs fold into the tabletop and that these do not fold in half. These are extremely useful because we can stack them one on top of the other and store them in confined spaces when they are not in use. These are truly space-saving banquet tables that can be used with or without a table cloth and are built for the contract market. Remember to use one of our banqueting chairs that are the perfect height for use with this furniture.


When you compare the two types of trestle tables which are mainly plastic and wooden you will see that depending on the situation one will be more suitable than the other. On our website, you can compare the products using the compare the differences or you can add them to the cart to see them side by side. The main difference is the ability to use the plastic one indoors and outdoors in any weather and the wooden trestles are meant to be used indoors. The wooden versions are more robust and can hold heavier static loads but the trade-off is the weight of the table. Our specialists can review your needs and advise on the best possible solution for your upcoming event or function.

Trestle Table at banquet hall

Here at Strictly Tables and Chairs, we offer a wide range of both wooden and plastic trestles. In the event furniture industry, many people class this type as a rectangular shape others class it as a table that the legs fold out. All of our ranges have legs that fold up and lock into place, this allows for maximum seating capacity and also allows for heavier loads to be held.

All of our tables are built to last and because of that fact we provide replacement parts that are available to purchase directly on our site. We offer PVC edging which is a feature that inferior tables do not have. The PVC edge protects the table when moving and setting up as it takes the brunt of the damage when a table is being used. If the PVC edge is not in place the edges splinter and break and this causes two problems, first it makes the furniture unsafe to use, and when the damage is minor the tablecloth snags on the edge and rips. The second accessory available for this range is the table feet, these feet are perfect for venues with wooden and tile floors that need to be protected. The table feet protect the floor from scratches and damage when being used. The third accessory that we provide is the adjustable table feet, these are perfect for venues with uneven floors or when the tables are being used in long lines.  The adjustable feet allow you to keep the tables at a uniform height and also stop them from wobbling. Many restaurants and pubs use this accessory as it is a professional way of keeping the table level and using cardboard and napkins is a thing of the past. The large range of sizes we offer allows these to be used as dining tables in restaurants and pubs or as dining furniture in a banqueting and catering environment.

wedding party with trestle tables

There is a wide range of uses apart from the event industry that these tables can be used for. Many customers in the UK and abroad buy these for a wide variety of users, we have sold these to garden centres and they are used in the gardening industry to display the different products on sale. Other customers that are involved in the outdoor markets, fairs, and car boots use these as they fold away easily and can be used on both soft and hard floors. Many of the people in the UK that buy these for this use prefer the thinner tabletop that is available in both plastic and wooden however plastic is preferred because it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The range featured in the next-day delivery category is our stock variety and is usually suitable for most people.  However, we do offer custom-made, manufactured-to-order trestles for businesses that need a tailored tabletop. If purchasing a table that you need to be built to the specifications you require it is easier than you think. You can design one of the wood tables into a normal desk size with a custom height based on what you need. This allows for a flexible solution that will be a perfect fit in your business and will still allow for easy storage as all of our tables stack on top of one another. We can create any table size designed to meet your exact specifications.

Our wooden folding table range is both durable and cost-effective. We are also able to offer bespoke table sizes and also offer a selection of chairs and even bench options to accompany your table.  We offer event furniture tables options for all your furniture needs.  All of our event furniture with the next-day delivery stickers are in stock and can be shipped using a 2-3 day delivery service or the express next-day delivery service.  Strictly Tables and Chairs are your event furniture tables specialists.

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