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Wooden Chiavari Chairs in the UK

Chiavari chairs are the UK's most popular wedding chairs. Strictly Tables and Chairs offers three options in the range: UK, wooden frame and resin. Perfect for any budget and theme we can ship on the same business day. We hold the most popular colours in stock and in massive quantities. This range is also known as Tiffany and Camelot chairs, they are the same thing.

Limewash Chiavari Chairs

The Limewash chair is by far the most popular colour choice here in the UK. The whitewashed frame and natural wood undertone make the chair a neutral base for any wedding.

We are the only supplier in the UK to stock resin, wood and Hungarian beechwood frame types. Great for weddings and high-class venues a featuring a classic yet modern design. The resin version is useable both indoors and outdoors & chairs is stackable up to 10 high. It is basically indestructible and is easy to clean and store.

Buy or Hire

We designed these chairs for contract use in the event industry. We spray all of our chairs with a top coat of hardened laquer that helps prevent chipping and scratching. The beechwood frame is lightweight which helps in setting up and clearing the event hall. They have plastic feet to help prevent floor scratching and this feature allows use on wooden floors.

Why buy from us?

Chiavari stacking chairs are a great choice when used with one of our other pieces of furniture.  All the Chiavari stacking chairs and banqueting chairs offered on our site will suit most of your needs.  We offer after-sale support for our furniture, call us or use live chat on the site.  Please call or send us an email to order or enquire.

Hiring in the UK

We sell these to many different industries which include restaurants, banqueting and catering halls, chairs hire companies and event companies that are hiring Chiavari chairs. Many marquee companies that hire chairs purchase from us because we hold large quantities of these in stock and can deliver on a next-day delivery service. However, we do not offer hire for customers. However, if you need help getting some hired we have a list of local contacts we can pass you along to you.

Quality and Price

Many suppliers use them as garden furniture and display pieces, the wholesale prices on our website are perfect for event hire companies looking to top up their stock or needing to purchase more. Furniture hire companies know that the chairs available from us are of the highest quality because we have chairs at wholesale prices. Are you looking at buying your furniture from the UK's biggest manufacturers then look no further you have found the source.

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