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Catering Tables

Catering tables are designed for commercial use and are a favourite for use in hotels and restaurants in the UK that cater to a large number of people. We offer a wide range of tables for the catering industry and are available in plastic and wood. Both of our ranges require no assembly and can easily be transported using a table trolley, or stored for later use. Many hotels use our tables because they fold away making them a space saving solution. All of our tables offer high static loads that will easily take the weight of food trays and drink areas that are common place when catering an event.  The catering industry is always innovating new products and designs for use in the hospitality sector.  Our catering supplies are manufactured with the industry in mind and use the highest grade of material available to us today.  Our catering furniture is sold all across the UK, we specialise in industry specific furniture that is why our range is built for contract use.  When looking for catering tables please keep in mind the table top thickness, weight handling and build quality.  There are alternatives that look similar but you will notice that the leg strength is substantially lower and you will also notice that the table top material is of cheap quality.  These factors are very important when using the catering tables in a commercial setting and even more so when they are used daily.  The hospitality industry is the industry that purchases our catering table range more than anyone and that is for good reason.  The plastic catering table range features the hygienic top and both a fold in half and single piece top option that suits all needs and venue sizes.  We offer the largest selection of shapes and sizes all across the UK and if there is something you cannot find then please contact the specialist on our team.

Plastic Catering Tables

Our plastic catering tables are perfect for the industry because they offer an easy to clean, hygienic table top that allows for quick cleaning when food or drink is spilled. They can be used with and without a table cloth and come in two options, the first is the single piece top that has a higher load capacity and the fold in half that has a foldable top with a lower load capacity but stores away smaller. These catering tables are used at fairs and table top sales and they can be used at markets and other events where food catering is on the agenda.

Catering Tables

 Wooden Catering Tables

Our wooden catering tables are super strong and can take massive loads and because of this many function halls that cover their tables with cloths choose this option. We manufacture the entire line and offer the largest selection anywhere in the UK. You can choose from a large assortment of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Sizes allow from two to twelve people to fit on a single catering table and can be combined to suit your needs.

Catering Parties and Events

Most of the time this type of table is used to cater to the guests food and drink requirements by laying out a beautiful spread of food and drinks for your guests.  Whether it is a wedding event or brunch or a full blown dinner party are tables will stand up to the task.  All of our furniture is heavy duty and is manufactured to be used in a contract environment.  That means if you need to load the table up with loads of different trays of food or drink they will more than stand up to the task.  Many hotels use these tables because they can fold them away after use and transport them easily and quickly to the different types of events going on in their different function rooms.

catering at a dinner party

We are also able to manufacture bespoke catering tables upon request, if you are looking for a bespoke solution for your company please give us a ring, email or message us on the chat function.

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