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Stacking Chairs

  • Next Day Delivery

    • Lowest cost in UK
    • Most popular
    • Next Day cut-off 3pm

  • Banqueting Chairs

    • Massive selection
    • Ideal for events
    • Standard and custom options available

  • Church Chairs

    • Perfect for places of worship
    • Very comfortable
    • Communion cup holders

  • Steel Banqueting Chairs

    • Robust steel frame
    • Heavy duty chairs
    • Options for all budgets 

  • Aluminium Banqueting Chairs

    • Lightweight aluminium frame
    • Plain and fluted frame profile
    • Bespoke options

  • Wooden Banqueting Chairs

    • Elegant frame finishes
    • Next day stock items
    • Finished to order options available

  • Chiavari Chairs

    • Most popular wedding chair
    • Wooden, resin, steel and aluminium frame options
    • Selection of seatpads

  • Cheltenham Chairs

    • The original wedding chair
    • Contoured back shape
    • Seatpad shapes and styles available

  • Vinyl Fabric Stacking Chairs

    • Easy wipe clean faux leather material
    • Options for all budgets 
    • Popular with health care and rugby clubs

  • Wedding Chairs

    • Indoor and outdoor
    • Wooden and resin frames
    • Popular with venues and event hire companies

  • Manufactured To Order Chairs

    • Manufactured by STAC in the UK
    • Limitless frame and fabric colours
    • Custom designs

  • Upholstered To Order

    • Fabric options available
    • 5-10 day delivery lead time
    • Gold, silver or black frame colours

  • Plastic Stacking Chairs

    • Variety of plastic shell colours
    • Cost effective, lightweight and durable
    • Black and chrome frame 

  • Crossback Stacking Chairs

    • Rustic chair
    • Rattan seat available
    • Hottest trending chair

  • Tolix Chairs and Stools

    • Modern design chair
    • Robust steel frames
    • Unlimited colour options

  • Children's Chairs

    • Miniature chairs for kids
    • Contract quality
    • Most popular options

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  1. Economy Plastic Stacking Chair Blue Shell Black Frame
    £14.34 £11.95
  2. Economy Plastic Stacking Chair Black Shell Black Frame
    £14.34 £11.95
  3. Economy Plastic Stacking Chair Yellow Shell Chrome Frame
    £15.54 £12.95
  4. Economy Plastic Stacking Chair Lime Shell Chrome Frame
    £15.54 £12.95
  5. Economy Plastic Stacking Chair Black Shell Chrome Frame
    £15.54 £12.95
  6. Economy Plastic Stacking Chair Blue Shell Chrome Frame
    £15.54 £12.95
  7. Affinity Plastic Stacking Chair
    £17.34 £14.45
  8. Garrotxa Plastic Stacking Patio Chair
    £17.94 £14.95
  9. E-Series Plastic Stacking Chair
    £17.94 £14.95
  10. Garrotxa Plastic Stacking Patio Chair Black
    £20.34 £16.95
  11. Garrotxa Plastic Stacking Patio Chair Green
    £20.34 £16.95
  12. Titan Plastic Stacking Chair
    £22.14 £18.45
  13. E-Series Plastic Stacking Chair with Skid Base
    £23.34 £19.45
  14. Academy Plastic Stacking Chair
    £27.54 £22.95
  15. Academy Plastic Stacking Chair with Skid Base
    £29.94 £24.95
  16. Economy Steel Banqueting Chair - Black Vein Grey Fabric
    £32.34 £26.95

Items 1-16 of 190

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Stacking Chairs for use in cafes, pubs, hotels and banqueting event and functions

Our range of stackable chairs allow you stack them 10-high which is a great space saving solution. When space is at a premium or you need to transport your chairs, the ability to stack them is an important feature.  We have a wide variety of event furniture  which can be used in an assortment of venues.  Some of our clients use them in banqueting halls, catering halls, schools and scout huts.  We offer stacking chairs that are in stock and other options that are manufactured made to order.

wedding banquet chairs

Banqueting Chairs



There are several types available to buy here onlinw, the most popular type is the banqueting chair.  They are the main type used in most events around the UK.  Banquet chairs are usually made in three types of material, steel, aluminium and plastic or resin and they can fold or stack depending on the venue.  The steel versions are heavier but also more economical so they are used at events such as weddings, catering and banquet halls.  The aluminium chairs are a lighter option but and a more premium chair and they are also used at wedding functions, christenings and even restaurants.  The third option is the resin or plastic banqueting chair option that is very popular in the UK and can be used both indoors and outdoors.  The plastic seating is very durable and the resin options such as our resin cheltenham and chiavari chairs are virtually indestructible.  These types of stackable chairs also do not chip and do not need repainting like their wooden counterparts.  Many hire companies in the event industry choose this type of event furniture because of its durability and as it is available in a large variety of styles that make customers happy.  

conference chairs at hotel

Conference Chairs

Many hotels and conference halls require seating that uses linking clips to come together and for intricate seating patterns.  Our conference chairs are very similar to the furniture banqueting style and are used by many of our clients in the event industry.  When comparing these two types you will see that the materials used and the styles are very similar.  One of the differences would be that the conference chair can be ordered with the thicker seat pad, that will add a bit to the final price but will make the pad more comfortable for extended sitting.  

 stacking wedding chairs at uk garden venue

When you purchase stackable chairs always be sure they are the correct choice for your needs, these chairs differ to folding chairs as they not only store differently but are better suited for specific situations.  Our seating solutions are commonly referred to as stack chairs in the USA.  Stack chairs are useful in both an event furniture environment and office setting.  We have such a large selection of space saving chairs you really must check them all out.  Our plastic stacking chairs really are very popular, our wooden stacking chairs also very popular and a favourite in an office setting.

When looking for seating for your venue the options that are very popular ar the folding or stacking table options.  When deciding it is very important to note the amount of time that the guest will be using the seat and in what situation it will be used in.  Many churches for example have long services and the patrons are sitting for periods of over 4 hours.  Our banquet halls that cater to weddings and events of that sort require seating for extended periods of time however as the guests will be dancing and moving around the venue they choose a chair more for the look and less about the comfort.  Always remember to choose the correct seating option for your event, venue, church or banquet hall.  There is such a large selection of these types of chairs available, we offer customized options that range from the frame colour to the seat pad fabric colour and the shape.  Have a look at all of our ranges of chairs and find the one that suits you.  If you are having trouble finding an option please call one of our specialists and they will help you decide on what is best for your needs.  

The stacking chairs we sell on our website are perfect for use as pub chairs, in a cafe as cafe chairs in restaurants, hotels and in businesses that require furniture chairs for their use.  Many pubs use these in their dining areas as dining chairs and like that fact that we offer different frame options, the gold frames being one of the most popular.  We offer a large variety of colours that include the stacking black chairs that are a great choice for intimate low light settings.  The stacking chairs black edition are available in a variety of frame material options.  We have aluminium and stacking steel frames that are probably the most popular material used in the event industry.  The banqueting gold chairs are very popular for weddings and shower parties.  The chairs gold frame is available in wood, steel aluminium and in the very popular Chiavari Chairs and Cheltenham versions. Our banqueting chairs gold version uses a high quality coating of paint that makes them stand out at any event, we have samples here in our warehouse so that our customers can see the great quality we offer.  The stacking chairs steel versions are very strong and can be used in any situation.  When the chair table combination of our heavy duty chairs and stacking tables are used you will see the difference in quality when you compare our products with other cheap alternatives.

Many of our customers are offices, they require a stack chair for meeting, conferences or as extra seats in their food area.  The great thing about these chairs they can be used in any situation and they offer space saving qualities that other static seating cannot.  Using one of our trolleys you can stack these up and store them in an unused storage space or in the corner of the room so they can be used when needed.  

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