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Folding Tables - UK Stock

Our folding tables come in an assortment of materials, and our ranges are heavy-duty and made for contract use.  Often used in weddings, hotels, restaurants and even schools the furniture is a great choice because of the compact folded design.  We offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes in our wide selection of event ranges.  Many of our customers use the ranges we offer for dining and camping tables.  We offer two types of fold ranges, they are the single piece tops and the foldable half tops these are both heavy-duty but are used in different circumstances.  When used for picnics the folding picnic table makes for an easy setup and fits in the boot of most cars.  Most of these customers buy folding tables and folding wooden chair assets so they can use them with their company.  In the UK being in the garden is really fun and enjoyed best when you have family and friends over enjoying a nice garden party.  When using one of our universal dining tables chairs sets it is important you choose the right material and this allows a better experience for you and your guests.  Our outdoor dining table sets are usually made of blow moulded plastic and are perfect for all events.  These can be used as stand-alone tables or against a wall as a display.  Keep in mind that you will save loads of space by using our products.

Wooden Folding Tables

Folding Table Top

Our fold tables have a 19.5mm table top which is the highest grade available in the industry, making our trestles ideal for the heavy-duty needs of the various industries that extend the use of event furniture.  The various other ranges also have benefits that will suit the many needs our customers have in the banqueting and catering industries.  Many of our clients require a non-slip tabletop that will keep the tablecloth from slipping.  Our flock top and soft top ranges both are good solutions when using a banqueting table in a formal setting and require a hold on the tablecloth.  We have other banqueting furniture solutions available, when requiring an easy clean top, we offer a plastic folding version, our lightweight economy, or contour Gopak folding trestles.  These solutions are ideal for pubs, village halls, schools, and catering halls where a tablecloth is not necessary and the ability to clean quickly and efficiently is a must.  We also offer lightweight solutions that are ideal if you need a heavy-duty folding table that is easily moved and stored.  These frames are made of lightweight aluminium frames and offer a laminated top in a wide choice of colours and table height.  A lightweight solution is a great option for schools where the trestles are moved constantly.

Plastic Tables

Plastic Folding Table

Our plastic folding tables are one of the most desirable options as they are lightweight easy to clean and super portable.  We have centre-fold versions in which the top folds in half.  We also have single-piece tops which are very strong and are perfect for boot sales, outdoor venues and outdoor events.  So many of our customers buy these as a craft table or a card table and many times as a children's folding table as they are easy to clean.  The entire plastic folding table range offers a hygienic surface it is also UV coated which allows for both indoor and outdoor use.  We not only offer great sales support, but we also take the time to create articles and guides on the furniture industry and they include banqueting furniture and even stacking chairs.  They are great when needing a robust heavy-duty table for your upcoming event. We hold massive stocks of inventory and ship most of our event furniture next day delivery available or you can collect from us.

Table Top Material

The most popular ranges are our wooden and plastic trestles, there are other options such as particle board, melamine and laminated tops.  Particle board is actually tiny pieces of wood compressed and bound together to form a one-piece table top.  This is an affordable option when looking for a foldable event table that is lightweight.  These materials will usually come in a laminated or raw version.  The wooden folding table is one of the strongest options available when comparing what is available in this type of range.  It usually requires a tablecloth as the top is not finely finished but can be used without a tablecloth when in an informal environment.  Plastic tables are the next option that can be used, this is an ideal solution when events are being held indoors and outdoors.  These tables are made of strong blow moulded plastic that stands up to the weather and elements.   Our glass garden tables are also used in all weather and are available by using the click-and-search function on the website.

Table Frames

Most foldable tables in the event furniture industry offer steel tubed legs and have reinforced regular tubular steel legs.  The shape varies according to the different ranges as some have American wishbone-style legs others have straight legs that are great for sitting and using chairs between the extra space.  There are height adjustable options on the foldable legs when they fold up to the bottom of the tabletop.

Table Trolleys

The easiest and most efficient way to move your event furniture is to use a trolley, there are different shapes and sizes when choosing a trolley.  Ensure you are buying the correct version of the trolley to help transport your event furniture and that the event furniture will fit.  Folding chairs and stacking tables have very different dollys so double check that the one you are buying suits the products you purchased.  Another quick tip is to check the dimensions of your door and the dimensions of the table truck so that you will fit in to gain access to your event or room.

Foldable Furniture

We also offer a large selection of tables in an assortment of shapes, materials and sizes.  When you compare some options available ensure you decide on what the function will be.  Many customers buy table fold chair furniture and require that the table folds, others require dining tables used for dining at home or in a business environment or simply as a chair folding table.  When purchasing for dining you can also compare chair options that are available, customers purchasing sets for their business or dining room usually buy everything together.  When you add the differences in shipping it is well worth buying everything together, you can add a complete dining set to your cart and choose one of our economical delivery options.  Our most popular 6ft tables are available in stock and ship the very same day so if you are on a deadline give us a ring or order online.

Table Shapes and Sizes

When looking at this type of event furniture you will notice that there is a large selection of sizes available for you to choose from.  The wooden ranges have the following table 6ft 5ft 4ft 3ft 2ft.  The shapes available are round, rectangular, semi-circle, half moon and square.  When deciding on the shape and size be sure to look at the type of table and how it folds.  For example, the 6ft folds in half or offers the option of only having the table legs fold into the tabletop.  These different variations allow you to use table shapes and sizes to suit your needs.  Many of our customers that buy these for tables camping choose the table top that folds in half to where banqueting events customers purchase the one-piece top because it can hold more weight and storage is not an issue.  When deciding on what to buy please have a look at the reviews our customers have left for each of our models as they will give you a better insight into how others have used our event furniture.

General Info

Many of our customers like to know what the different uses and situations they can use our furniture, that question really depends on if it will be used in a business or in a home.  Some of the common types are used in dining rooms, kitchens and outdoors in the garden or patio.  When used for dining many customers prefer to purchase seats that are in line with the type of table they have purchased.  Higher versions are used in bars so that the service can be at a height that a patron would be able to enjoy a refreshment while standing and does not need to slump over to reach their drink.  Tables at a middle height are used for dinner service and are usually at least 2ft 6 inches wide so that the people can sit across from each other with enough room.  Many people that buy these foldable tables have the option of choosing the different shapes that are available to suit their needs.

Some of our smaller tables can be used in specialised situations, of course, they can be used in kitchens and dining rooms but here are a few places you might not have thought of.  Many of our customers are businesses and they use the small folding tables in the loo, these types of tables are very popular in high-end establishments that display candles, perfumes, ornaments, mints and colognes in their lavatories.  This style of table is very popular in hotels and restaurants that like to offer an above-standard service in all areas of their business.

Another use for our tables that is not very commonly known is for use as a poker table, the flock top tables have felt built into the tabletop and offer a very superior grade top for card games.  We manufacture these to order so you can get the table any size you want, if you want one for your man cave or if you are running a tournament and need to seat 11 players our tables are sure to fit your needs.


Surprisingly many people do not know the history of the foldable table and it's always nice to spread a little knowledge regarding our industry.  In earlier times, tables were a great luxury and were built with intricate designs and patterns and were also built in sizes that would impress us by today's standards.  Many of these tables were used in the dining rooms of castles and in great halls for massive parties and events.  Tables in great halls would most likely have been in a trestle style and would have had many in-between holds to support the table of not only the great weight of the top but of the people and food that was on the table during the dinner service.  Many of the people throwing these extravagant parties would not only want an extravagant table but the bigger the better.

Over time as the more common folk wanted tables and chairs in their dining rooms and living areas the sizes the craftsmen started to create were smaller in size and the families would have these tables in their common rooms for daily use.  They were commonly used as card tables and coffee tables in a wide variety of environments, many smoking houses and bars would use these tables to draw in guests before they were commonplace.

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