Cleaning Beer Stains Out Of Furniture

Cleaning Beer Stains Out Of Furniture

Cleaning Beer Stains Out Of Furniture

It is inevitable that you will frequently be getting spills and stains in a pub setting. And the question is, how can you reduce the damage?


Fresh beer stains

If someone spills beer on your upholstery, the best thing to do is act fast and don’t let it dry. Begin by soaking up as much as you can with a dry cloth. Then, with either lukewarm water or club soda, sponge the stain. Lastly, blot the stain with a clean, dry cloth. We suggest you repeat this process until the beer is removed.  

If it is a stubborn stain, you can try sponging it with an equal amount of water and white vinegar or water with a few drops of washing-up liquid. Make sure that the area is fully rinsed afterward by sponging it with lukewarm water.

Once you are happy that the beer stain is removed, leave the upholstery to dry naturally.


Old beer stains

The process for removing old beer stains is similar to fresh beer stains, but there are a few extra steps to take. You should start by sponging the stain with cool water to freshen it. Then you can sponge it with equal amounts of water and white vinegar or water with a few drops of washing-up liquid. Similarly, rinse this thoroughly with warm water and blot the stain with a clean, dry cloth. Then leave it to dry naturally. If the stain is extra stubborn, you can sponge it with turpentine and then rinse it thoroughly.


Cleaning general stains

Fabric-covered chairs are usually the more comfortable option for pub furniture, but they are more high maintenance than wooden or faux leather options when it comes to stain removal. However, by adding the following steps into your cleaning routine, you can deal with stains as they happen and keep your furniture looking great.

Vacuuming – Going over your fabric and chairs with a hoover every couple of days can make a big difference to their lifespan. You will pick up all of the loose dirt and small bits of debris that accumulate with regular use.

Quick cleaning – To get rid of marks and grime, take a damp cloth to gently cleanse the seats. Again, doing this every couple of days can prevent a build-up of dirt that might make it harder to clean in the long run.

Deep cleans – If you want to do deep cleans, you should invest in good quality fabric-friendly cleaning products. Make sure you only do this once or twice a month as you don’t want to ruin the colours or damage the fabric. Lastly, ensure that you let the upholstery dry naturally.


Buying new furniture

If your upholstery is too far gone and no cleaning is going to rectify it, you might need to think about purchasing some new furniture. Before you choose, make sure you consider looking for products using contract grade upholstery as these are built for commercial daily use.

Here at Strictly Tables and Chairs, we offer a huge selection of contract-grade chairs and tables that will stand up to rigorous use.

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