Plastic Folding Chair Linking Clip - Removable Black Clip

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If you have a function like an assembly or a corporate awards ceremony it is likely that you’ll need to put out a number of rows of folding chairs. However there is nothing worse in such situations than when people move chairs out of position and ruin your organised layout.

Our plastic folding chair linking clips are ideal if you want to provide a temporary linking solution to link folding chairs in line. Available in a variety of colours, these clips will ensure that your well-planned layout isn’t disrupted and that all chairs remain perfectly in-line for the duration of the event.

If your fire officer feels on some occasions you require a temporary linking system for your folding chairs then this is likely to be the right product for you. These plastic folding chair linking clips are manufactured with a tough plastic and easily clip around the plastic folding chair frame and are relatively easy to use.

We advise that you have two clips per chair to ensure that everything is a secure as possible.

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